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Second Hand Vans and Trucks | Malta

Second Hand Vand and Trucks

About Second Hand Vans and Trucks | Malta In Malta, trucks and vans are used in every day. Some take people from point A to point B, others are capable of carrying extremely heavy loads of concrete to construction sites and certain specific trucks clear the refuse. When it comes to choosing second hand vans… Read More »

Common Rail Diesel Repair | Malta

Common Rail Diesel Repair About

About Common Rail Diesel Repair | Malta Since the introduction of the modern common rail in 21st century, diesel engines have vastly improved and have become much more economical and are no longer noisy or dirty. having said that, even the most hardy of engines break down from time to time and need repairs. This… Read More »

Refrigerated Vehicles | Malta

Refrigerated Vehicles

About Refrigerated Vehicles | Malta A refrigerated vehicle is one which is designed to allow safe transportation of perishable goods, which need to be kept at a constant and specific temperature. These vehicles can either be ice-cooled or come factory-equipped with plenty of cooling methods, which are powered by a small diesel engine. They can… Read More »

Vehicle Transport | Malta to UK

Vehicle Transport Services

About Vehicle Transport To and From Malta to UK Vehicles, through time and technological advances, have earned the respect and love of most who drive them. Some people prefer buying their vehicles locally and others favor the over-seas importing method. Both are very viable and both come with advantages and disadvantages. Certain companies cater for… Read More »

Mobile Car Air Conditioning Service and Recharge | Malta

Mobile car Air Conditioning Service and Recharge

Auto Air Conditioning Service and Recharge | Malta This service allows automotive air-conditioning experts to come to you and service your car at your own convenience. It is done in a reasonable time and is cost-effective. The re-gassing process and servicing ensures that your car keeps the air-conditioning refrigerant for longer. How Cars Run Out… Read More »

Starter Motor Parts | Malta

Startup Motors

About Starter Motor Parts | Malta A starter motor, is an electric, hydraulic or even pneumatic motor, which is used to start an engine. The engines it starts are typically of the internal-combustion variety which enable the engine to actually start and keep going on it’s own. This motor works by turning electricity generated by… Read More »

Chevrolet | Malta


About Chevrolet | Malta Nowadays, Chevrolet is one of the leading car manufacturers on the market. It is so, because Chevrolet focuses on building exceptional vehicles on both the quality and value front. Their cars specifically tailored to their clients desires and allows them to explore and live the Chevrolet driving experience. The company firmly… Read More »

Commercial Vehicles |Malta

Commercial Vehicles Malta

About Commercial Vehicles in Malta Malta is governed in most cases by European law, so it is probably best to start by defining what is classified as a commercial vehicle by the European Union. According to the site: Any vehicle that by its type of construction and equipment is designed for, and capable of… Read More »

Car Diagnostic System| Malta

car diagnostics malta

Have you ever had a problem with your car that comes and goes? How annoying is it when you hear an unusual noise or feel your car lose power now and again but when your mechanic drives or tests your car it behaves perfectly! Personally I hate it when that happens which is one of the reasons that car diagnostic systems are so awesome, they keep a log of faults that your car diagnostic system encounters while you drive around.