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Marine Boat Accessories and Safety Equipment

Accessories and Equipment for Safety at Sea Safety is key in any activity and the marine sector is no exception to this. Before leaving land for sea, a number of items are a must to secure your own safety and that of others. Responsible boating is key to ensure a most positive experience. Choosing safety… Read More »

Renting a Van in Malta

About Renting a Van in Malta Excited to discover the islands with your family or group of friends? Not very eager to waste precious holiday time waiting for public transport and arguing over the last available seat? Then why not opt for a van and go on adventure en masse!  It comes as no surprise,… Read More »

FB Mondial Motorbikes in Malta

About FB Mondial 10 time world champions get going again They’re back, stylish and hip the FB Mondial 2017 range They’re unique style attract the hipster generation as well as those that remember the legendary FB Mondial in their heydays. The unique style makes it clear that you are no ordinary biker, the brands history… Read More »

Corrocoat Anti-Corrosion coatings

About Corrocoat Anti-Corossion solutions in Malta XN-Teq is the sole licensee holder of Corrocoat in Malta and meets the exact requirements compulsory to license holders. Corrocoat products continue to lead the way in the anti-corrosion coatings industry, and are well-known for their reliability and genuine value-for-money. The extensive range available helps protect equipment and structures,… Read More »

Metallizing & Cold Galvanizing – Anti rust solutions

Leading Anti-Corrossion Solutions Metallisation rust protection So what exactly is metallisation? There are various forms of metallisation however regardless of the type used it is a thermal spraying process that basically shoots molten particles onto a surface. The molten particles are generally created via the melting at high temperatures of metal; the most common metals… Read More »

Grit Blasting – Sandblasting – Vapor Blasting

Abrasive blasting known as Sandblasting in Malta (Image above XN-Teq Sandblasting Malta working in Valletta with dustless abrasive blasting) It is important to note that there are various types of abrasive blasting, whilst in Malta we generally refer to abrasive blasting as sandblasting; the medium used for abrasive blasting is not always sand. Generally speaking… Read More »

Lift Man Aerial / Elevated Work Platform

Lift Man for hire – Malta The elevated work platform which is sometimes called a cherry picker, bucket lift or hi up as well as other terms used in Malta is a great way to get things done, maximizing safety and improving work performance you will get more done in a shorter amount of time…. Read More »

Vassallo Removals

Vassallo Removals and Lifters Profile

Removal And Lifting Service In Naxxar About Vassallo Removals Martin Vassallo offers an incredibly flexible and affordable moving and lifting option for all your needs. You don’t need to worry about having a minimum number of objects as they will be happy to work whether it is one large piece of furniture such as a… Read More »

Aeon ATV Quads and Scooters | Malta

About Aeon ATV Quads and Scooters | Malta AEON is a wellknown brand of motorcycles since 1965. Aeon produces over 60,000 vehicles a year, they are exported to many countries over five continents. AEON is focused on creation, design and performance, to ensure that their use on the roads is a means of leisure, with the… Read More »

Auto Body-Parts | Malta

About Auto-Body Parts | Malta Most car’s bodies are not simply made up of just one piece of metal. They’re instead, composed of a number of different body parts which make up the outer shell of the car. This body can be designed to look stunning and aerodynamic, or even shaped into a smaller profile… Read More »