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The company was established in 2002 by both Mr. Patrick Bezzina and Mr. Darren Scicluna. It is a small company which excels at providing security solutions to it’s clients and because of it’s excellent reputation, has become the trusted go-to source of plenty of people seeking ways to protect their homes. The company is also capable of installing automated systems for garage doors and gates.

Security Systems Offered by PD Security Installations Ltd

The company offers many good-quality products to it’s clients, many of which are used for security purposes, and others to ease internal processes within companies.
Some of these products can be seen below :

CCTV Systems and Cables

At PD Security Installations Ltd, one can find cameras, combined PIR Detector & Pin Hole Camera, Stand Alone DVR’s, Power Supplies, CCTV Equipment. These CCTV cameras and equipment can be used to monitor shops, businesses and private residences for security reasons.

Fire Alarms and Cables

3 fire alarms
These alarms and accessories have become necessary in most buildings. Fire alarms can be triggered to warn people of a dangerous fire within the building. At Pd Security Installations, one may also find Addressable fire alarm equipment, Conventional Fire Alarm Equipment, Fire Panels, Detectors, Bases, Break Glass Callpoint, Landline and GSM Autodialers and more.

Intruder Alarms and Cables

4 Intruder alarms
Intruder alarms are used to keep your home safe, day and night. They are usually placed next to windows and doors. These alarms are set to ring if any intruders try to break in. At PD Security Installations, the staff can show you around what they have on offer such as 8-zone Control Panel, 12V7Ah Battery, PIR Detectors, Internal Siren, External Siren, Magnetic Contact, Glass Break Detector, Landline & GSM Autodialers and many more.

PABX Telephone Systems

5 pabx tel system
The PABX telephone systems are used specifically to divert calls to other offices in the company. This is an easier way for clients to pass on messages to their colleagues or to help the company’s clients reach the desired section without having to call again.

Video and Audio Hall Porter Systems

6 intercom
A hall porter system uses both audio and video to see who is visiting the building. At PD Security Installations one can find Video Hall Porter Systems that consist of Colour or B/W Video Door Station, Colour TFT Monitor, B/W CRT Monitor, Audio Handset, Power Supply Transformer. Audio Hall Porter systems include Audio Door Station, Audio Handset, Power Supply Transformer and much more. For more information and advice consult with the sales team at PD Security Installations.

Time and Attendance

7 fingerprint
At PD Security, one can find on offer fingerprint readers and facial recognition for businesses, companies, Hotels and more for security reasons and attendance. For more information consult with the sales team at PD Security Installations Ltd.

PD Security Installations Ltd. Online

The company can be found on both their own website as well as on Facebook, both of which are listed below.

PD Security Installations Ltd’s Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will learn more about the various security products they offer their clients.

PD Security Installations Ltd on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 11th October 2012 and has since then , gained over 50 followers. Their page is full of products supplied by the company and some of the details of these products can be found here as well.

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The company is only a short distance away from the Mosta Dome.

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