Ancient Paganism in the Maltese Islands


Ancient Paganism in Malta The Goddess of Fertility or also known as The Fat Lady The Goddess of Fertility was worshipped by the neolithic people. They believed they needed to thank, pray and worship for their survival to “The Fat Lady”, for food and water, offering her animal sacrifices. The …

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European Island Castles

Verdala Castle

Castles in Malta Cittadella, the Great Castle The Great Castle in Gozo is a small fortified city lying in the heart of Victoria, having spectacular country views all around. It transformed into a castle during the Middle Ages, strengthening the city’s fortifications to protect the village communities from pirates raiding …

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Malta’s Upstyles of 2014 – 2015

Mixas salon upstyles

Upstyles of 2014-2015 Scissors Palace Upstyles by Scissors Palace The image above represents one of the many upstyles of 2015 done by Adriana. An upstyle is a way of dressing your hair elegantly for any occasion. It is a work of art and an expression of personality. Scissors Palace offer …

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Comino’s 3 stunning Mediterranean beaches

Blue Lagoon Aerial View (17)

Comino’s stunning beaches Between Malta and Gozo is the island of Comino, on your way down to Malta airport by air, one can see an aerial view of the beauty of Comino with the centre point of attraction the aquamarine blue between two smaller islands, the Blue Lagoon. The island …

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A few Southern European Myths and legends

Zamitello Castle

Maltese Myths and legends Castello Zamitello In Mgarr, there is a fortified castle that belonged to Baron Bernardo Zammit and his only daughter Lucia, who was supposed to marry an old Count from Sicily. Lucia wanting to become a nun, disappeared on the wedding day. After a year the bells …

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Filming in Malta


Films in Malta Gladiator Gladiator a historical film that came out in 2000, it was directed by Ridley Scott, starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Pheonix, Connie Nielsen and Oliver Reed. Russell Crowe plays a fictitional character called Maximus a loyal Roman General. The story is about Maximus who is betrayed by …

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Flowers of Malta

Maltese Rock Centaury Pauline Dingli

Maltese Rock Centaury Malta’s National plant Maltese Rock Centaury has a single flower head with many purple tubular florets. Its flowering season starts from May to July, mostly found along limestone cliffs of Malta and Gozo. It is considered to be endangered but conservation areas have been set up to …

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European Traditional Crafts

maltese lace

Maltese Traditional Crafts Lace Lace making is one of the local crafts considered one of the most precious of traditions. Lace was originally associated with nobility and a high valued commodity. Dating back to the Knights of st. John, the lace was used as a fashion accessory for nobles, used …

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Southern European Drinks

Wine barrels -  Chen Weizhong,

Liqueurs, Wines and more Wines Wine production was introduced by the Phoenicians. The wine taste and methods have been the same since, it was only recently that a variety in Maltese wine were produced. Two Maltese wines one should try is the red wine from ń†ellewza grapes and for white …

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