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Five Delicious Spaghetti Dishes We Want A Bite Of!

Amazing Spaghetti Dishes To Try Out

Everyone has their own food preferences but one dish that tends to unite everyone regardless of heritage or age is spaghetti! This traditionally Italian dish has spread world wide and Malta, with its strong Italian influence is no exception. Across the Island you can find delicious and unique examples of what chefs are doing with linguine, read below for some of our favourite picks.

Spaghetti With Rabbit Liver

Blending Italian influence with Maltese tradition perfectly we have this delicious dish of spaghetti in a reduced red sauce with perfectly seared rabbit’s liver. Rabbit is a Maltese favourite and this pairing creates a dish you won’t find often outside of Malta. Seen in Wigi’s Kitchen.

Spaghetti Bucatini Arrabiata

Arrabiata is the foundation of Italian pasta sauce, but this dish mixes it up a bit with a spicy twist and a delicious helping of sauteed pancetta. The flavour of the pancetta seeping into the sauce mixed in with the hot kick from the red pepper isn’t for everyone, but if you like spicy food, you will love this. Seen in Impasta.

Spaghetti and Fresh Shrimp

This spaghetti dish makes full use of Malta’s Island nature by using fresh shrimp with a subtle reduced red sauce. Proving that sometimes simpler really is better, this dish is no frills and still incredibly delicious, perfect for seafood lovers! Seen in Tosca Restaurant.

Spaghetti al Astice

If you would rather have a more luxurious alternative to your seafood spaghetti, this Pasta al Astice should be right up your alley. The spaghetti in this dish plays a supporting role to the main star: the amazingly fully cooked lobster. The lack of sauce should balance perfectly with the taste of the lobster meat and makes this a great seafood dish to try out. Seen in La Pasta Bistro.

Spaghetti with Fresh Crab

This is another seafood dish sure to turn heads. This spaghetti with fresh crab is displayed in all its glory, with a subtle pesto the spaghetti again is meant to support the star of the show, which is the delicious fresh crab sourced locally. Another treat for seafood lovers and those who like a little flair with their meal. Seen in Restaurant Sepia.

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