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Ten Reasons to Rent a Car in Malta

Car rental Malta from UK

Not sure whether to drive your way around the island or depend on other means? With the aim of making this decision easier for you, here are ten reasons why you should opt to rent a car. 1. Avoid the crowds and enjoy the scenery. Access to breath-taking lesser-known sites …

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Construction Industry Safety Equipment – Malta

Construction Safety heroes

Personal protection equipment for the construction professional There is no dispute that working in the construction industry is hard and dangerous work; from the most basic project to more complex high rise building projects the construction professional is presented with many risks on a day to day basis. In some …

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Tiles Vs Laminate Flooring – In Malta

Tiles Malta Ceramic Laminate Flooring

Ceramic, Porcelain and other tiles compared to Laminate Flooring The most popular tiles are generally ceramic tiles made of a combination of materials, in fact porcelain tiles are in fact ceramic tiles. The main ingredient in most tiles is clay, other ingredients are added to strengthen the tile as well …

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We rented a car in Malta

Malta traffic driving renting a car

The good and the bad of renting a car in Malta If you have ever rented a car in a foreign country you know that each country has it’s own perks and challenges when it comes to driving. For starters they may drive on the opposite side of the road, …

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Carpeting vs Laminate Flooring

Carpet Vs Laminate bedroom Malta

Flooring in Malta, carpeting or laminate? So you bought a house or maybe just looking to do a renovation. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing what type of flooring you will be installing. This article is specifically written with Maltese homes in mind, pros and cons …

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Building Restoration vs Renovation


What is building restoration? To better understand the differences between renovation and restoration it is easiest to begin by defining what restoration is. Restoring is the action of returning something to a former condition. In the simplest of terms as it relates to buildings we are talking about restoring it …

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A day in the life of a Roman Aristocrat

The Peristyle

Roman Villa in Rabat, Malta In Rabat, close to Citta Vecchia, Mdina, there is a Domvs Romana where a Roman Aristocrat and his family lived. They resided in a large town-house overlooking the Rabat Gardens, where they lived their lives according to their role in society, which reflected in the …

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A lens on Southern European Charms – Malta

Lady in Traditional Costume - Ghonnella (2) viewingmalta.com

Salt pans Salt production is tradition carried on from generation to generation. In Malta, salt pan areas are in Salina, Marsascala, Zonqor Point, Delimara, Xghajra and Birzebbugia. Along the Gozitan coast salt pans are located in Qala, Dwejra and Xlendi. When the sea water fills the salt pans, the water …

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Traditional Southern European Architecture in Malta

Mdina Gate Rene Rossignaud, viewingmalta.com

L-Ghajn tal-Hasselin These wash houses were built in the 16th Century and some of them still stand to this day found in places all over Malta and Gozo. Arched shelters were built over the springs to make life easier for local women. They were built in such a way that …

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5 things to see in St. Julians

St. Julian's Promenade

The Entertainment hub, St. Julians Wine and Dine in St. Julians St. Julians offer quite a good number of restaurants to choose from, serving Asian Cuisine to Mediterranean Cuisine. The wide selection of restaurants and wine bars make St. Julians, a suitable choice for celebrating any occasion. Dance the night …

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