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5 Places to go for a walk off the beaten path

Countryside walks in Malta

Ghar lapsi

Ghar Lapsi Tower Pauline Dingli viewingmalta.com
It is situated just outside Siggiewi. Ghar lapsi means Ascension Cave as the local fishermen who named it built a shrine. This place offers a natural cove surrounded by beautiful scenery offering swimmers a safe sheltered swim. In the winter months, Ghar lapsi is a good place for a country walk or rock climbing, along the coast towards the left facing the sea. One can see a unique tower, small for its kind but would make a beautiful art landscape. On coming to Ghar lapsi do not forget your camera, as this loctaion provides fantastic country views as well as sea views.

Dingli Cliffs

Dingli Cliffs Aerial View (42) viewingmalta.com
Dingli cliffs is located near the nearest village Dingli on the west side of Malta. It is the highest point in Malta about 250 metres above sea level. Dingli Cliffs provide breathtaking seaviews along the horizon, terraced fields and the islet, Filfla just across. At Dingli Cliffs, there is also a chapel dedicated to St Mary Magdalene on the edge where one can meditate and enjoy the views.


St. Paul's Island - Selmunett Seren Ozcan viewingmalta.com
Selmun offers a very good trekking route with magnificent views, it is worth taking your camera. Starting from Selmun Palace, left by the Knights of St. John it used to be rented out to the knights as a place to relax and hunt wild rabbits. A path leads to “L-Ahrax”, approaching the cliffs one can see Selmun bay as well as views of the islands of St. Paul, the location where St. Paul was shipwrecked. Walking along the coast, you will come across various interesting flora and fauna on your way down to Selmun Bay, known as “Imgiebah”.

Chadwick lakes

Chadwick Lakes (9) Christian Pace viewingmalta.com
Chadwick Lakes is situated between Rabat and Mtarfa. It takes its name after the British engineer who built the water-management dam in 1890. Chadwick lakes forms a water system that constantly flows towards Mosta. Its quite a popular country side walk for families who organise picnics, particularly busy in spring and winter months as the lakes are active with waterfalls.


Buskett with Verdala Palace viewingmalta.com
Buskett is known to be one of the greenest areas in Malta. The only woodland area with flowers, orange trees, cactus, pine and cypress trees that were originally planted by the Knights to be used hunting grounds. One can also find vineyards, olive and lemon groves. Buskett gardens can be explored through pathways and it is very popular for picnics. On the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul Buskett hosts a festival of vegetables and fruit. The Summer Residence of the President is also located here, the Verdala Palace.

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