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5 Delicious Fish Caught In Malta

Varieties Of Fish That You Can Find In Malta

Thanks to its prime location on the Mediterranean, Malta has a thriving variety of fish that inhabit its waters. One can even catch fish from the shore without need to take a boat out. Malta has numerous types of fish that are caught daily by its fishermen, and their delicious freshness has found its way into Maltese cuisine where fresh local fish is often the centerpiece. Malta exports its catches to the rest of the world as well as a testament to the quality of fish in its waters.


Groupers are member of the sea bass family of fish and can be found in most tropical waters. There are two types of grouper, black and red, and both are enjoyed for their delicious flavour. The white flaked meat of the grouper is also nutritionally dense and lean making this fish a particularly good choice for those dieting. Grouper is a balanced flavoured fish and can be used in most seafood dishes.


Snappers were named after their snapping teeth, however they have become a culinary seafood favourite over the years. Often found in Mediterranean cuisine in dishes such as pasta or over grilled with vegetables, this fish is versatile and makes a great addition to whatever dish it touches.



The Amberjack is a very lean, white meat fish found throughout the worlds seas. These fish prey on other smaller fish and can grow to up to 150 pounds, however the smaller Amberjack are generally seen as the most delicious. The Amberjack is a very lean fish with mild flavour making it a great addition to healthy meals for a boost of flavor, as it doesn’t overpower a dish.



Everyone knows what a swordfish is, however many don’t realise how delicious this flavourful fish can be. With thick flesh and a texture similar to tuna, this fish is perfect for main courses and served as a fillet or steak. Often grilled, roasted or baked, this fish looks as great as it tastes and is a favourite in seafood restaurants.

Albacore Tuna


Albacore Tuna is a subspecies of the tuna family, often bought in cans across the world, this is the tuna type that is seen as being the most ‘white meat’. It is packed full of nutrients thanks to its leaner nature and maintains the delicious flavour of other tunas. Japanese chefs often prefer albacore tuna for sushi and sashimi for its perceived lack of metal taste that other tunas have, and for the fact that it has more omega-3 fatty acid than other tunas.

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