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About the IPOP Network

The IPOP Network specializes in online content marketing, we serve consumers and businesses by providing valuable and reliable information via our online platforms and magazines. When a consumer types a search term into a search engine such as Google they are looking for a reliable source of information in relation to their query. We specialize in ensuring that consumers not only find reliable information in relation to their queries but also help them find reliable businesses that can assist them further.

We work with a large number of businesses and manage an extensive number of platforms, our core platforms in the Maltese market are All Malta Online and Redzel. Author’s Promoter another platform within the IPOP Network operates worldwide and is therefore also available to assist in Malta.


All Malta Online – Featuring Maltese Businesses

All Malta Online - Map
All Malta Online is an online magazine featuring Maltese businesses; with information about each business; the products and services they offer. One can also find contact details, location information, social media and more on this magazine.

All Malta Online specializes in one simple thing, presenting businesses in the best possible way to consumers, all relevant data about businesses is included within their page in short concise and easy to digest blocks of information. All Malta Online uses a simple modular system and the site is fully Multi-Screen-Optimized, this ensures that when a user visits a business page in All Malta Online they get the same information view-able on any device from an I-Phone, I-Pad, Laptop to a 52 Inch PC Monitor.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to feature their business’s in All Malta Online, among some of the top ranking reasons are: ongoing search engine optimisation, flexibility, over 1,000 daily visitors, an alternative to owning, managing and maintaining a website, strengthening their own website’s search engine ranking, being present on a reputable and respected site and providing a positive return on investment with most businesses receiving queries that are converted into sales on a daily basis.

More importantly All Malta Online provides information in a way that is optimised for user experience, each individual page is search engine optimized and whilst we do organize business’s into categories to enable our visitors to browse through the site; a visit to a business in All Malta Online from a search engine is direct to the business’s page not into a directory as is the case with most competing platforms.
Why is managing your business’s name on Google’s and other search engines first page so important? 

The answer is simple when consumers looking for your business type your name into a search engine they are already potential clients, they are nine times out of ten looking for more information about you, from something as simple as looking for a phone number or as extensive as researching you to see if you are the best provider for them.

With All Malta Online your potential client will find reliable and useful information about you. Landing in a directory means that instead of finding information about you and what you can do for them, they will find a list of your competitors. (Not good for business).

This is one of the reasons owning as much of Google’s and other search engines first page is so important. You want your business presented in a fair and professional way. For a fraction of the price of a traditional directory listing advert we simply deliver better value and present you in a way that encourages consumers to interact with you and understand why your business is the best solution for them.

Get in touch with one of our consultants to find out more and have a solution tailored to suit your needs.

Redzel – Products and Services near you.

Redzel is all about products and services, learn more about the products and services you buy. We geo-target our content to supply consumers information that is specific to them. We also provide WHERE TO BUY information for the users convenience. Redzel is a relatively new site that is growing rapidly with over 4,000 products and services already scheduled for 2014.

For Business owners: Redzel specializes in helping consumers learn more about the products and services you supply, we are constantly looking to provide information to potential consumers about products and services available near them. Maltese consumers are recommended local suppliers for both products and services. We can help potential consumers find you for the products and services you provide! Get in touch and let us help you connect with potential consumers!