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About Glad Enterpises in Malta, Naxxar

Our company was founded in 2005. Since then we have grown slowly but steadily.
GLAD Enterprises Pet Products is run by an enthusiastic team of pet lovers. We have a keen interest in all types of domestic animals and their welfare, and we offer premium brands of food, pet supplies, pet treats for cats, dogs, rabbits, birds even for horses and more …
Customer service is high on our priority list. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile, and this has earned us a good reputation with our loyal clientele. We continuously source the top brands that combine quality and affordability without compromise, and always appreciate feedback when it comes to our pet products.

Happy Dog ®–Happy Cat®
The special thing about them? The carefully composed variety of pure natural ingredients. The source of raw ingredients from local farmers and only the highest quality proteins combined with the valuable properties of herbs and fruits are used. Happy Dog® –Happy Cat® offer the exact nutrition that your dog & cat requires. For every size, for every need and for every age – from puppy & kitten to seniors.

Natures Menu Pouches and Tins for Dogs
All of natures: menu ready-to-serve natural dog food pouches and tins provide highly palatable, nutritious foods that provide a pure, organic source of energy for your dog.
natures: menu ready-to-serve natural dog food pouches and tins contain the correct balance of vitamins and minerals to help your dog maintain a healthy active life.
Premium quality pet food for dogs bursting with natural goodness; No artificial colours or preservatives; Gluten Free; Natural ingredients and easy to understand.

Natures Menu Cat food
Natural Cat Food from the natures: menu kitchen is the natural choice for both the best meaty food pouches and cat treats. Premium quality pet food for cats bursting with natural goodness ; No artificial colours or preservatives; Gluten Free; Natural ingredients and easy to understand. Cats love the taste of real meat and natures: menu cat food is crammed full of it! Unlike standard cat foods, Natures: Menu cat dinners contain over 70% of the real meat that cats love. Your cats will enjoy the real meaty taste day after day.

Take the Natures Menu challenge and listen to your cats purring with delight! When you want to give your cats a treat, give them natures: menu treats – the product that is ideally presented in easy-to-eat bite size pieces made from naturally balanced raw materials – great value with great quality. Your cats will love this product, and will look forward to getting it.
natures: menu is now available in re-sealable packs, to preserve their freshness and taste.
natures: menu products are designed to deliver your pets’ complete nutritional requirements.

Our cat litter is all natural, composed of NATURAL White Bentonite, so even the most sensitive cat shouldn’t be allergic. It is very easy to clean as it clumps like a hard biscuit. The clumps can easily be removed and disposed of. Therefore, it totally prevents the unpleasant odour besides, baby powder scent exudes as soon as the faeces initiate running in to
the cat litter. Making it long lasting and economical . Non-toxic , non-allergic and environment friendly.

We also take care of your small animal friends.
Hamsters, Rabbits, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Birds etc…..
From Premium Food – Healthy Treats – Herbage and Forage – all recommended by Vets. Excel Burgess and Vadigran.

New products are updated regularly so please do come again and if you wish for an item that you do not see please contact us for any help.

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A: 60, Triq Hal Dghejf, In-Naxxar
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