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Fino About

The company was established in 1935. They are among the oldest of the furnishing businesses in Malta and have built a good reputation among their clients, due to the impeccable service and products they provide. From complete kitchens, bedrooms, etc to custom designed rooms, the company can cater to the needs of even the most challenging of propositions.

Products by Fino

Fino offers many well-made products to it’s customers. Gaining experience throughout the years, the company now offers it’s clients the possibility to custom design their furniture and have the expert craftsmen at Fino, bring it to life.

Some of the products Fino offers can be found below :

Kitchens: (By Veneta Cucine)
Fino Kitchens

The kitchens produced by Fino are of amazing quality. From the initial design, down to the finished products, their master craftsmen are capable of bringing dreams to life. Clients can order their kitchens “as is” or can have it custom made to their tastes and desires.

Bedrooms: (By Zanette)
Fino Bedrooms

Bedrooms made by Fino are designed to promote spaciousness as well as elegance. Their very comprehensive range of bedrooms spans through both modern and classic designs. The bedrooms can be custom built to suit the client’s needs.

Dining Rooms: (By Ligne Roset)
Fino Dining Rooms

Fino combines the traditional look of wood, with more modern materials like glass and steel for their dining rooms. These dining rooms are very well made and bring a room’s look together very nicely.

Flooring and Doors: (By EMU)
Fino Floors and Doors

The floors and doors provided by Fino can be made to suit the client’s style. They consists of glass, wood and brushed metal and are suitable in every household, due to their versatility and design. The tiles used for the floors are very unique in their design and are as varied as they are versatile.

School Furniture: (By Mobilferro)
Fino School Furniture

This furniture is designed to be more robust than standard furniture, due to it’s constant use. It is also quite stylish and fits in perfectly into any classroom and is very comfortable to sit at for lengthy hours. The range consists of desks, chairs, shoe cabinets and plenty of other items.

Other Services by Fino

Fino offers a large variety of different services, all of which are provided by experts in their fields. Some of the services provided can be seen below.

Giftware Services:
Fino Giftware

Fino also provide a large selection of giftware, which is tastefully designed, yet functional. These gifts are reasonably priced and can be made to fit into anyone’s style.

Marine Services:
Fino Marine Services

Fino caters to marine needs by providing it’s clients with luxury yachts, as well as their furnishings and decks. They also install the furniture and it can be custom made to fit custom yachts, making a luxury boat even more luxurious.

Fino Online

Fino can be found on Facebook and Youtube, as well as on their own personal website. The links can be found in the sections below.

Fino’s Website

Fino Website

By clicking on the image above, you can learn more about the huge amount of products the company has, as well as find more information about the company itself.

Fino on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 8th May 2012. It has since then gathered over 32,400 followers and it’s page is full of images showing their furniture, as well as information about promotional offers.

Fino on Youtube

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RSM Malta and MISCO can be found just a short walk down from Fino.

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T: (+356)2549 3000
E: Info@fino.com.mt
A: Fino Buildings, Notabile Road, Mriehel BKR 3000, Malta