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Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd About

The company provides it’s clients with energy-saving products which are of a good quality and made by professional manufacturers. Euromed itself, aims at providing these products as a means to keep the renewable-energy ball rolling and promote the effectiveness of such products. The company firmly believes that these products are the future of energy production and investing in one now, will give you innumerable benefits later on.

Renewable Energy Products by Euromed Eco power Co Ltd

Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd products

The company has a myriad of energy-saving products at it’s disposal. All the products are of good quality and are also built to last a lifetime.

Some of the products the company supplies, are the following :

Photovoltaic Panels:
The company provides it’s clients with a choice between Polycrystalline (many layers of crystals) and Monocrystalline(single layer of crystals) PV panels. These panels are provided by the world-renowned brand, Sharp.

PV Panel Green House:
By installing a PV greenhouse, clients are creating an area where the process for gathering electricity is replicated and thus can be used for either large buildings or even for houses and domestic use.

Solar Air-conditioning:
The company sells and installs solar fuelled chillers. These are used for air-conditioning purposes in the small or medium rooms. It uses heat to produce cold, instead of conventional electricity. Click Here to Read More.

Space Heating Systems:
This kind of passive heating, relies on the construction and design of the room, as well as the product itself. It heats up during the day and keeps dissipating heat well throughout the night.

Underfloor Heating:
By means of a series of elements underneath the floor, the floor itself warms up gradually, keeping feet warm and the environment in the room cozy.

Solar Water Heating:
This kind of water heating has cold water run through tubes. These tubes heat up in the sun and the heated water is collected in the reservoir at the top. This reservoir keeps the water warm for later use, giving you the benefits of constantly present warm water.

Services and Brands by Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd

The company believes in providing it’s clients with the best. It therefore imports some of the best brands on the market. It also offers other services, besides solar energy solutions.

Some of the brands and services the company has on offer can be seen below.


The company imports various brands, some of which are :

  • Sharp
  • Kloben


The company also offers various other services, a few of which can be seen below :

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Energy Audit
  • Blue Ocean Energy
  • CHP

Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd Online

Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd can be found on it’s website, which is linked below.

Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd’s Website

Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd Website

By clicking on the image above, you will find out more about the company itself and it’s products, as well as it’s services and it’s philosophy.

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The company can be found right next to Intersteel and Fence Ltd, in Bulebel.

Contact Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd

T: (+356)2180 4474
E: info@euromed-ep.com
A: BLB OO2A, Bulebel Ind Est, Zejtun, ZTN 3000, Malta