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Dive Med About

Dive Med is a 5 Star rated Diving Centre in Malta. It is located in Marsascala, very close to some of the loveliest Maltese coasts and villages. Dive Med is the one-stop-shop for all your diving needs. Dive Med can offer you plenty of diving courses. These range from beginner diving courses, to professional ones. Diving equipment is available for hire and for also for sale. Dive Med also performs maintenance for all kinds of diving equipment.

Dive Med Services

Dive Med Services

If you click on the image above, can find more information about what services this diving school offers. Below is a summary of the services available.

Dive Med and Equipment for Hire

Dive Med Equipment for hire

These are the prices quoted for day of hire. If an item is used for more than one dive per day it’s charged for one use only.

Dive Med and Equipment for Sale

Dive Med equipment for sale

The diving school has plenty of diving equipment for sale. It stocks most of the major brands for retail, some of which are:

  • Aqualung
  • Technisub
  • Mares
  • Scubapro
  • Bare
  • Beuchat
  • Suunto
  • Sea Quest
  • Uwatec
  • Spora Sub

Dive Med and Maintenance & After Sale Service

Dive Med maintenance and after sales service

The diving school offers excellent after sales service, and is capable of providing maintenance for all your diving gear components.

Dive Med and Nitrox Blending

Dive Med Nitrox Blending

They can also blend Nitrox for underwater gas cylinders. Prices vary according to the blend. You can also learn how to blend it yourself with the help of fully-qualified instructors.

Dive Med and TRIMIX Blending

Dive Med trimix blending

For extreme dives, you can explore the world of technical deep diving by using trimix. If you are a certified Trimix diver, then this diving school can blend your mix on-site at affordable prices.

Dive Med and Visual Inspection & Hydrostatic Testing

Dive Med Hydrostatic testing

The company can also disassemble, inspect and reassemble any of your diving gear. It is done by qualified professionals to ensure a maximum level of safety.

Dive Med Online

Below, is a list of sites where the diving school can be found. A compilation of information about the company can be viewed by clicking on the images and videos underneath.

Dive Med Website

Dive Med Website

By clicking on this website, you will be given information about the diving center’s services, courses and equipment. Also, you can view the diving sites available with the various package offers.

Dive Med on Facebook

The diving school joined Facebook on the 20th march 2009. Through the years, they have gathered 1,585 fans who actively post on this page. You can also find pictures of their diving experiences, advice and gear.

Dive Med on Youtube

By clicking on this video, you can see a short clip on what type of sites you can visit. One can also see the divers in action, enjoying themselves under the deep blue sea.

Dive Med on Trip Advisor

Dive Med on Trip Advisor

Here, you can find reviews and other peoples experiences with the diving school. You can also read opinions and see what other people have to say about their visit.

Inside Dive Med

Dive Med Inside

If you click on the image above, you will find pictures of what the diving school looks like on the inside. It is very modern, and full of the latest diving equipment.

Near Dive Med

Close to the diving school, one can find the Zonqor Battery, which is the site where a World War 2 gun was placed. Also, if you travel slightly further down to the coast, there is a beautiful bay with plenty of diving opportunities.

Contact Dive Med

T: (+356) 21 639981
M: +(+356) 99494269 (+356) 99887118
E: info@divemed.com
A: Zonqor Point, Marsaskala, MSK 1570, Malta