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Magri Autocare provide the top international brands such as Dinitrol Rustproofing, the complete service for all your rustproofing and protective needs.

Dinitrol is the leading international brand in protection against rust and corrosion for your vehicle. The real problem is not the visible rust but the rust starting inside the hidden sections of which you are not aware of and cannot see! Dinitrol actually penetrates and stops existing rust and prevents new corrosion from starting.

Using technologically advanced specialised equipment, our car care experts guarantee a durable effective method of preserving the condition of both new and used cars.

A complete service which will target all underneath closed sections & chassis as well as the closed sections in the upper part of the car including doors, pillars, boot and bonnet.

They are injected with a special preventative wax. This forms an airtight and watertight seal. This detailed treatment stops existing rust from spreading and resist further corrosion and damage.

At Magri Autocare, we regard ourselves as professionals and market leaders in our field, we have pledged to live up to this claim in every possible way.

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C: Magri Autocare
T: 21897917 / 21809376 / 21800064
E: magridrs@vol.net.mt
A: Magri Autocare, Airport Road, Luqa
H: Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00

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