Dragon’s Den

Martial arts and Combat Sports Supplies in Malta Dragon’s Den supplies a vast choice of quality uniforms, fight gear, practice weapons and accessories at reasonable prices. The shop also offers a personalised embroidery and print service on all uniforms and wear. About Dragon’s Den Dragon’s Den is a martial arts supplies centre and a separate …

DNA Consulta – Consultant Forensic Scientist – Christhoper Farrugia

DNA Consulta is focused on providing ultimate solutions for DNA, Paternity and Familial Relationship Testing.
A personalized service that will provide you with advice and testing that is affordable, reliable, precise and objective. Christopher Farrugia Dip. MLT, PgD Forensic Science (Strath) our LEAD Forensic Scientist has over twenty-five years experience.
Working with the Police Forensic Science Laboratory and Malta National Laboratory and with two private laboratories as a Consultant.

Trigger Sporting Arms

Trigger Sporting Arms has over these past 4 years built a good reputation for sourcing high quality used and collector guns, but especially in classical Colts and Smith & Wessons.Besides firearms proper, Trigger Sporting Arms stocks a wide variety of ammunition, Lee Precision Reloading equipment, reloading components, Luger and Sutter Rifle scopes and Binoculars and many other sport shooting accessories.

Currently upgrading we apologize for any inconvenience.

Young Stars Hockey Club

The Floriana Young Stars Hockey Club is one of the main field hockey clubs in Malta. The clubhouse is situated at the Independence Arena, Floriana, a few meters away from the Floriana FC football grounds. Floriana Young Stars Hockey Club have built their own pitch and the clubhouse is situated beneath it. This club has a great history, and also won lots of honours!