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Andrew Vassallo General Trading Ltd

Andrew Vassallo General Trading Ltd
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Andrew Vassallo General Trading Limited offers production of steel works, such as steel doors, security grills, trolleys, introducing modular staircases to the Maltese market, street furniture & cast iron products. manufactured steel and aluminium products

Light and Shade

Light and Shade
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Versatile & Innovative, lighting that can make a difference through custom made & alterations in lighting fixtures according to your tastes so Light & Shade can help you choose the suitable lighting for your home, office, shop or business.

NK Woodworks | Mosta, Malta

NK Woodworks Logo
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About NK Woodworks NK Woodworks has over 15 years of experience under their belt and have undertaken many projects and challenging requests. Their craftsmanship is one of the finest on the Maltese Islands and they always deliver, be it on deadlines or in terms of quality and service. Products Offered by NK Woodworks NK Woodworks… Read More »

NK Woodworks – Kitchens and Bedrooms

NK Kitchens and Bedrooms
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NK Woodworks – Kitchens and Bedrooms for The highest quality of craftsmanship is from NK Woodworks, manufacturer of a wide variety of kitchens and furniture both for domestic and business use, tailored for location and purpose.

NK Woodworks – Doors

NK Woodworks Doors
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NK Woodworks – Doors has a vast experience of serving a broad diversity of clientele, guaranteeing the highest quality of craftsmanship, manufacturing a wide variety of doors and apertures for both domestic and business use.

NK Woodworks – Balconies

NK Woodworks Balconies
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NK Woodworks – Balconies has the highest quality of craftsmanship and a vast experience of woodworks for a diversity of clientele, manufacturing a variety of balconies for domestic, tailored for location and purpose.

Armstrong Woodworks Ltd

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About Armstrong Woodworks Ltd | Leaders in the Woodworks Industry Armstrong Woodworks Ltd started in 1996. They gained a great deal of understanding and experience in the Woodworks Industry. The staff give excellent service and their attention to detail is second to none. They offer a wide range of carpentry services from genuine solid furniture… Read More »

Olta Aluminium | Malta

OLTA Aluminium featured
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About OLTA Aluminium | Leaders in the Aluminium Industry OLTA aluminium is a leader in the aluminium industry guaranteeing expertly finished aluminium works. Having been in the aluminium industry for over 30 years. Having been entrusted with various important projects such as St Vincent de Paule, MCAST, Charles DeGiorgio Ltd Buildings and many more. Services… Read More »

RGP Marble | Malta

RGP MArble logo Malta
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Marble, Granite, Resin and Quartz distributor, installer and manufacturer About RGP Marble RGP Marble in Malta has been established for over 25 years and is a very well respected brand with years of experience in the distribution, manufacturing and installation of a variety of marble, granite, resin and quartz products and services in the Maltese… Read More »

FXB | Malta, Qormi

Fxb Logo
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FXB | Home Furniture Solutions The company has been producing quality furniture since the 1890′s. Since then they have grown, expanded, learned and mastered their craft both in terms of quality woodwork, as well as customer care and satisfaction. FXB provides it’s customers with plenty of different styles when it comes to woodwork and offers… Read More »

ideacasa | Malta, Birkirkara

Idea Casa Logo
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About ideacasa | Home Furnishing Solutions The company was founded in 1999 and it’s main focus was on delivering exceptional furniture of good quality to it’s customers. It is today, one of the most prominent leaders in the home-furnishing sector and with a team of over 70 staff members, deliver a professional service when it… Read More »

CD Power Solutions Co Ltd | Malta, Qormi

CD Power Solutions Co Ltd Logo
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About CD Power Solutions Co Ltd | Energy-Saving Solutions CD Power Solutions is an engineering at heart and it specializes in custom-made energy saving solutions. They achieve this by working with their clients and provide them with professional advice on designs and on how to make the best use of their energy-saving equipment. Products Offered… Read More »

Fitwell | Malta, Mosta

Fitwell Logo
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About Fitwell | Interior Furniture Solutions Fitwell is a company which provides quality furniture for it’s clients. It also focuses on keeping it’s clients happy and has done so for many years, due to the company’s very qualified staff and experienced craftsmen. Their products come in various styles and designs, which ensures that each and… Read More »

Krea | Malta, Qormi

Krea Logo
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About Krea | Home Furniture Solutions The company is one of the most well known furniture suppliers in the Maltese islands. They give their clients a huge selection from which to choose, and their products are well-made and come in a variety of styles. The company also ensures an excellent after-sales service to make sure… Read More »

BM Supplies | Malta, Birkirkara

BM Supplies Logo
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About BM Supplies | House Accessories and Energy-Saving Solutions The company was established in 1956 and since then, it has become one of the leading suppliers of household accessories, bathrooms and tiles. The company offers an impressive range of products, as well as being actively involved in contracting and wholesale of their products. They work… Read More »

Fino | Malta, Birkirkara

Fino Logo
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About Fino | Furniture Solutions The company was established in 1935. They are among the oldest of the furnishing businesses in Malta and have built a good reputation among their clients, due to the impeccable service and products they provide. From complete kitchens, bedrooms, etc to custom designed rooms, the company can cater to the… Read More »

Joinwell | Malta, Qormi

Joinwell Logo
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About Joinwell | Furniture Solutions Joinwell, a company which was founded in 1947, has become one of the major furniture distributors in Malta to date. It started off by fixing apertures and mending damaged doors during the Second World War. It slowly started gaining popularity and soon started taking on contracts and providing services for… Read More »

Solar Engineering Ltd | Malta, Mosta

Solar Engineering Ltd logo
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About Solar Engineering Ltd | Renewable-Energy Solutions Solar Engineering Ltd is a company which deals mainly in renewable energy products. It’s years and years of experience has helped it achieve a good sales philosophy, as well as an excellent after-sales service provided by highly professional staff. Renewable-Energy Products by Solar Engineering Ltd The company offers… Read More »

Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd | Malta, Zejtun

Euromed Eco Power Co Ltd Logo
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About Euromed Eco power Co Ltd | Renewable Energy Solutions The company provides it’s clients with energy-saving products which are of a good quality and made by professional manufacturers. Euromed itself, aims at providing these products as a means to keep the renewable-energy ball rolling and promote the effectiveness of such products. The company firmly… Read More »

Alternative Technologies Ltd | Malta, St. Julians

Alternative Technologies Ltd Logo
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About Alternative Technologies Ltd | Renewable Energy Solutions The company was founded in 2008 and mainly dealt with the renewable energy needs of both the domestic and the industrial sectors. Later, the company specialized in providing quality products and services to it’s customers, by making use of the plentiful expertise they had gathered over the… Read More »