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Butterfly Car Rentals About

Butterfly Car Rentals was established in 1974 and since then, has worked it’s way up the ranks to become one of Malta’s leading car rental companies. through it’s 35 years of tireless work, they have gained a reputation of supplying customers with quality cars and due to their continuous commitment, they give customers an excellent service which is provided by expertly-trained staff.

Products and Services by Butterfly Car Rentals

butterfly car rentals Malta

The company offers it’s clients plenty of very well-kept cars, as well as excellent support and service which is given by experienced staff.

Below is a short list of services and products the rental agency supplies it’s customers with:

Car Rentals:
The company offers it’s clients a very vast range of cars, which can all be rented at an affordable price. These cars are regularly serviced and are of very good quality. They also are inspected very thoroughly after each owner to ensure that the new client will not pay for any previous damages done.

Car Leases:
The rental agency also leases some of it’s cars to clients. Their lease contracts can be customized to the client’s preferred terms and they are all affordable. The car the client will be leasing is always kept in tip-top shape and is immaculate.

Airport Deliveries:
Butterfly Car Rentals can also perform “meet and greet services”. The company will pick clients up at airports, and drop them off at any desired location along with their rental car.

Garmin Sat-Nav Systems:
Garmin is one of the most world-renowned brands of satellite navigation. The company provides its clients with the option of renting a sat-nav system for their vehicle at a small extra charge. These sat-nav systems are accurate, reliable and are very simple to use.

Butterfly Car Rentals Online

The rental agency can be found on their own personal website, as well as on Facebook. The links to both sites are found below.

Butterfly Car Rentals Website

Butterfly Car Rentals Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the rental agency’s website, where you will learn more about their aims and goals as well as what cars are available for leasing and renting. You can also book a car
off their own website.

Butterfly Car Rentals on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 22nd November 2010 and since then, it has gained over 210 fans. It’s page is full of pictures, showcasing the different car models available for leasing and renting as well as information about it’s services.

Near Butterfly Car Rentals

The rental agency can be found further down from Snackeria and the St. Venera Church.

Contact Butterfly Car Rentals

T: +356 21 448 605
E: info@butterflycarrentals.com
A: Butterfly Car Rentals, 366 High Street, Santa Venera, Malta, Europe