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The company was established in 1956 and since then, it has become one of the leading suppliers of household accessories, bathrooms and tiles.
The company offers an impressive range of products, as well as being actively involved in contracting and wholesale of their products. They work closely with hotels, residences for the elderly and hospitals, providing them with the sanitary wares needed for the efficient running of the establishment.

Solar Water Heaters

BM Supplies Solar Water Heaters

The company imports the very well-known brand Novotherm These water heaters work by using the sun to heat a refrigerant. the refrigerant then transfers the heat to the pipes containing water, thus heating the water up. The heated water then travels to a special container, which is designed to reduce heat-loss. This will benefit the user by having readily available hot water and it also reduces the cost of electricity bills greatly.

Air-conditioning by BM Supplies

BM SuppliesAir-conditioners

Since the company only wants the best for it’s clients, it provides them with the renowned brand Mitsuvita. This brand produces A/C units used for domestic purposes and they are very well built and are resistant to wear and tear. The products are also very energy efficient, due to the modern technology used in their manufacturing.

Bathroom Products by BM Supplies

BM Supplies Bathroom

BM Supplies also provides it’s clients with the best bathroom accessories on the market, as well as whole bathroom sets, bathroom furniture and many more.

Some of the products the company provides can be found below :

A complete range of fully-finished and very stylish bathrooms is made available by the company. Their vast range can fit anyone’s style and decor.

Bathroom Fittings:
A range of accessories is also available to go along with the bathroom of your choosing. These fittings come in the form of taps, shower-heads and many more, all of which are tastefully done.

Bathroom Furniture and Mirrors:
Bathroom furniture is also available and the collection presented by the company ranges from small side-tables to very modern mirrors, which would look great in any bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories:
These accessories are designed to add that little extra hint of panache to your already beautifully decorated bathroom. The company ensures that their range fits almost all styles of bathroom and the accessories are made of the highest quality materials and are very robust.

Shower Enclosures:
If you are looking to incorporate a shower into your bathroom, BM Supplies have the right enclosures, to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. Their huge range of styles and finishes will help your bathroom stand out and make taking a shower a refreshing experience.

Tiles by BM Supplies

BM Supplies Tiles

Tiles are a very common product found in all houses. BM Supplies however, imports only the finest quality tiles, some of which have very radical and unique designs, and can fit together in a number of very creative ways.
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These different tiles come in many forms and their uses can be found below :

  • Wall tiles
  • Floor Internal
  • Floor External
  • Step tiles
  • Mosaic

The company also offers it’s clients specialized tiles, which have very particular uses and functions, be it aesthetic or functional. These tiles are also unique in their design and can make the difference between a lovely room and a gorgeous room.

The variety of specialized tiles can be found below :

  • Raised Flooring
  • Ventilated Wall Cladding
  • Clip Tiles

Furniture by BM Supplies

BM Supplies Furniture

If you’re looking to improve the inside and outside look of your house, BM supplies can provide you with the right tools for the job. Their large selection of indoor and outdoor furniture will transform your room or garden into a relaxing and stylish place.

The different types of furniture the company provides are :

  • Sofas
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Living Room Furniture

BM Supplies’s Brands

BM Supplies Brands

The company imports many high-end brands, some of which are :

  • Emme Uno (Itay): Vanity Units and Mirrors
  • Esedra (Italy): Shower Trays
  • Grohe (Germany): Bathroom Accessories
  • Tylo (Sweden): Sauna and Steam Rooms
  • ISA Bagno (Italy): Vanity Units and Glass Basins
  • Samo (Italy): Shower Enclosures
  • Ceramica D’Imola (Italy): Tiles
  • Leonardo Ceramica (Italy): Tiles
  • Lafaenza Ceramica (Italy): Tiles
  • Imola Tecnica (Italy): Technical Tiles
  • Divanitaliani (Italy): Sofas
  • Tema (Portugal): Furniture
  • Novotherm (Greece): Solar Water Heaters
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      BM Supplies Website

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