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AVIS About

AVIS is a car hire, rental, leasing and sales company which has become well-known throughout the Maltese islands, because of it’s great-quality cars and services. These services are provided by very knowledgeable staff who are very friendly and who will stop at nothing to help you get exactly what you need for the duration of your stay. Avis Malta possesses a large fleet of cars, varying in models, sizes and styles. This ensures that the variety present can cater for the needs of their many client’s needs.

AVIS Products and Services

AVIS Products

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will learn a little more about the company’s products and services. If you look on below however, you will find a short summary of what is on offer.

Some of the services and products can be seen below :

Car Hire:
AVIS is renowned for offering excellently-maintained cars for hire. They ensure that the client gets what was promised and they offer a large variety of cars to cater for any circumstance.

Car Leasing:
The company leases it’s cars to it’s clients and there are various types of car-leasing from which to choose, some of which can be found below :

  • Small and Compact Car Leasing
  • Large Car Leasing
  • Prestige Car Leasing

Used-Car Sales:
AVIS also sells used cars. These cars are thoroughly checked thus ensuring that they are still in very good condition and are road-worthy. They come complete with all the paperwork necessary to verify that the car is genuine and it also possesses a full service history.

GPS / Sat-Nav Hire:
For a reasonable fee, the company provides it’s clients with state-of-the-art GPS units, which are updated regularly and which are accurate.

Additional Driver Cover:
AVIS provides it’s customers with an option to enable more than one driver to drive the hired vehicle. It comes at a reasonable price and both drivers can benefit from the same privileges.

Child Safety Products:
The company also provides clients with child-safety products such as child car-seats and also makes sure that it’s vehicles are all safe for drivers and passengers alike.

AVIS Online

AVIS can be found on both their own website, as well as on Facebook. The links can be found below.

AVIS’s Website

AVIS Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will find more information about their products and services, as well as the different types of car available. Their website also features an online booking service.

AVIS on Facebook Latest Updates

The company joined Facebook on the 7th March 2009 and have since then, gained the admiration of over 6,460 fans. Their page is full of information about which cars are available at which prices.


The company can be located behind Hot Rod and in front of the Workers Monument in Msida.

Contact AVIS

T: (+356)2567 7550
E: info@avis.com.mt
A: “Avis House”, 50, Msida Sea Front, Msida, MSD 9043, Malta, Europe.