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Alternative Technologies Ltd About

The company was founded in 2008 and mainly dealt with the renewable energy needs of both the domestic and the industrial sectors. Later, the company specialized in providing quality products and services to it’s customers, by making use of the plentiful expertise they had gathered over the years. They also provide their products at reasonable prices with excellent after-sales services.

Enegry-Saving Products Offered by Alternative Technologies Ltd

Alternative Technologies Ltd Products

The company provides it’s customers with a very extensive and complete range of energy-efficient products. These products are built to last and are made by renowned brands.

Photovoltaic Products: (By Sunpower and Bauer Solartechnik)
The company offers a host of solar panels used to generate electricity. These panels can be used to either directly power a house, or even to feed the main electricity grid. The products offered by Sunpower come with a guarantee of 25 years.

Solar Water Heaters: (By Chromagen)
Heating water using these products is fast and efficient and will instantly impact the cost of your electricity bills. They heat water by using the sun’s energy and will provide the user with hot water which is always readily available. These products come with a 5 year warranty.

Thermostatic Mixer Valves: (By Alternative technologies Ltd)
These valves can be used for the safety of use of hot water. They ensure that water reaches the user at a safe temperature and it is all done automatically. They can also be used as washing machine inlets, which make use of the hot water being produced by the solar water heater.

Underfloor Heating: (By Advanced Heating Technologies and RDZ SpA)
By using elements found underneath the floor of a home or office, the product can heat up a room passively, while also keeping a comfortable level of heat within a building.

Marine and Outdoor Solar Battery Chargers: (By Flexcell)
The company provides these solar chargers, which are mainly used outdoors or on boats. They serve as a charger to most electronic devices, when conventional means of electricity is not available. They are flexible and charge electronics at a relatively fast rate.

Ecoflow Products: (By Ecoflow)
This technology is designed to increase fuel efficiency in vehicles or machines which use normal fuels to function. Click Here To Learn More.

Solar Lights:
These lights are powered by the energy of the sun, which is gained during the day. During the evenings, the accumulated energy is used to power these lights and provide decent illumination for gardens and even small rooms.

Non-Energy saving Products Offered by

Alternative Technologies Ltd Swiss Timing

The company also offers other products which are very popular and used in various locations throughout Malta.

The following is a list of some of the products offered by the company :

  • Sports Scoreboards and Displays:
    They are made by the world-renowned brand Swiss Timing and are used to keep track of scores and display recaps
  • Sports and TV Production Software:
    Also made by Swiss Timing this software is used to implement features such as photofinishing and also to give the screen full-screen displays and live-footage covering.
  • Sports Timing Equipment:
    These products are also made by Swiss Timing and are used to keep very accurate time on sports matches, as well as timing for other events such as swimming races and etc

Alternative Technologies Ltd Online

The company can be found on it’s own website, as well as on Facebook, and Youtube.

Alternative Technologies Ltd’s Website

Alternative Technologies Ltd Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website, where you will learn a little more about their aims, their products and the projects they’ve undertaken so far.

Alternative Technologies Ltd on Facebook Latest Updates

The company Joined Facebook on the 10th January 2011. Since then it has gathered over 920 fans and it’s page is full of images showing their products, as well as some useful hints and tricks to help you save energy.

Alternative Technologies Ltd on Youtube

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the company can be found right opposite to the Santa Klara Carpark and is also very close to Print Options

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T: (+356)2738 0309
E: Info@alternativetechnologies.com.mt
A: Triq Dun Guzepp Xerri, San Giljan, STJ 1420, Malta.