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Lizards in Malta


Podarcis Filfolensis ssp. Maltensis Photo by Arnold Sciberras The Maltese wall lizard is normally greenish in colour, commonly found in Malta, Gozo and Comino. Podarcis Filfolensis ssp. Filfolensis Photo by Arnold Sciberras This species of lizard is black with blue spots, found only on the islet of Filfla towards the south coast of Malta. Podarcis… Read More »

A lens on Southern European Charms – Malta

Lady in Traditional Costume - Ghonnella (2)

Salt pans Salt production is tradition carried on from generation to generation. In Malta, salt pan areas are in Salina, Marsascala, Zonqor Point, Delimara, Xghajra and Birzebbugia. Along the Gozitan coast salt pans are located in Qala, Dwejra and Xlendi. When the sea water fills the salt pans, the water is left to settle for… Read More »

Traditional Southern European Architecture in Malta


L-Ghajn tal-Hasselin These wash houses were built in the 16th Century and some of them still stand to this day found in places all over Malta and Gozo. Arched shelters were built over the springs to make life easier for local women. They were built in such a way that an irrigation system of stone… Read More »

5 things to see in St. Julians

St. Julian's Promenade

The Entertainment hub, St. Julians Wine and Dine in St. Julians St. Julians offer quite a good number of restaurants to choose from, serving Asian Cuisine to Mediterranean Cuisine. The wide selection of restaurants and wine bars make St. Julians, a suitable choice for celebrating any occasion. Dance the night away in Paceville Paceville is… Read More »

5 Films shot in Malta

the grand harobour

Films shot in Malta The Count of Monte Cristo The adventure drama film, The Count of Monte Cristo was released in 2002, starring Jim Caviezel, Guy Pierce and Richard Harris. It is about a young sailor, who is betrayed and falsely imprisoned by his jealous “friends”, he escapes and seeks revenge. Most of the film… Read More »

5 things to do in Bugibba

The Malta National Aquarium

Things to do in Bugibba Bugibba Main Square Bugibba is a seaside town having various hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs. Bugibba’s nightlife is in the square with bars and restaurants as well as karaoke bars, cinemas as well as a casino. Walk by the Bugibba promenade Bugibba has quite a long seaside promenade stretching from… Read More »

5 things to see in Birgu

Fort St. Angelo birgu local council

Birgu, the Victorious city Birgu by Candlelight This is an event that is very unique in Malta, the streets light up with candles that create a romantic atmosphere depicting the history and architectural beauty of Birgu. Historical re-enactments take place as well as museums are open to the public, there are also food stalls offering… Read More »

5 things to do in Mellieha

Ghadira Bay Aerial

Things to do in Mellieha The locals are proud to present Mellieha with all its natural beauty of blue sea and beautiful country views that inspire the artists. The parish church so high on the hill reminds one of Malta’s victorious day. In summer, Ghadira beach is so popular every year tourists keep coming to… Read More »

5 things to look out for in Mdina

Mdina Gate Rene Rossignaud,

The Silent City of Mdina A timeless and classical view of the Malta’s Old Capital makes it all a romantic place where time stops and transports you back to the Medieval era. Walk around Mdina Mdina is a fine example of an ancient walled city with a mix of Norman and Baroque architecture with its… Read More »

5 things to do in Sliema

Sliema Aerial

Things to do in Sliema Shopping in Sliema Sliema is a major commercial area with two leading shopping malls Tigne and Plaza Shopping Complex as well as shops lining the streets of the Strand, Tower Road and Bisazza street with a few of the world’s famous brands. Eating in Sliema At the Strand and along… Read More »

5 things to see in Valletta

Valletta Coast - Clive Briffa,

Living history in Valletta The Capital City of Malta, Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Valletta is full of 16th century buildings with Baroque architecture built by the Knights of St. John. Among the majestic buildings is St. John’s Co-Cathedral, several Auberges which were hosted by the knights, still stand to this day, with… Read More »

Southern European Drinks

Wine barrels -  Chen Weizhong,

Liqueurs, Wines and more Wines Wine production was introduced by the Phoenicians. The wine taste and methods have been the same since, it was only recently that a variety in Maltese wine were produced. Two Maltese wines one should try is the red wine from Ġellewza grapes and for white wine from Għirgentina grapes, both… Read More »

European Traditional Crafts

maltese lace

Maltese Traditional Crafts Lace Lace making is one of the local crafts considered one of the most precious of traditions. Lace was originally associated with nobility and a high valued commodity. Dating back to the Knights of st. John, the lace was used as a fashion accessory for nobles, used for gloves and on clothing…. Read More »

Flowers of Malta

Maltese Rock Centaury Pauline Dingli

Maltese Rock Centaury Malta’s National plant Maltese Rock Centaury has a single flower head with many purple tubular florets. Its flowering season starts from May to July, mostly found along limestone cliffs of Malta and Gozo. It is considered to be endangered but conservation areas have been set up to protect this plant which can… Read More »

Filming in Malta


Films in Malta Gladiator Gladiator a historical film that came out in 2000, it was directed by Ridley Scott, starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Pheonix, Connie Nielsen and Oliver Reed. Russell Crowe plays a fictitional character called Maximus a loyal Roman General. The story is about Maximus who is betrayed by the Emperor’s son, Commodus. Maximus… Read More »

A few Southern European Myths and legends

Zamitello Castle

Maltese Myths and legends Castello Zamitello In Mgarr, there is a fortified castle that belonged to Baron Bernardo Zammit and his only daughter Lucia, who was supposed to marry an old Count from Sicily. Lucia wanting to become a nun, disappeared on the wedding day. After a year the bells of the church rang and… Read More »

Comino’s 3 stunning Mediterranean beaches

Blue Lagoon Aerial View (17)

Comino’s stunning beaches Between Malta and Gozo is the island of Comino, on your way down to Malta airport by air, one can see an aerial view of the beauty of Comino with the centre point of attraction the aquamarine blue between two smaller islands, the Blue Lagoon. The island has a lot of countryside… Read More »

Malta’s Upstyles of 2014 – 2015

Mixas salon upstyles

Upstyles of 2014-2015 Scissors Palace Upstyles by Scissors Palace The image above represents one of the many upstyles of 2015 done by Adriana. An upstyle is a way of dressing your hair elegantly for any occasion. It is a work of art and an expression of personality. Scissors Palace offer various hairdressing services such as… Read More »

European Island Castles

Verdala Castle

Castles in Malta Cittadella, the Great Castle The Great Castle in Gozo is a small fortified city lying in the heart of Victoria, having spectacular country views all around. It transformed into a castle during the Middle Ages, strengthening the city’s fortifications to protect the village communities from pirates raiding the Maltese Islands. The Cittadella… Read More »

Malta’s hair colours for 2014-2015

hair colour

Hair colour techniques of 2014-2015 Xar hair and nails Natural Ombre colour effect This image shows the ombre effect from mid-lengths to the ends, the hair colour becomes brown colour a blonde colour till the ends. This blow dry is one that frames the face with movement, volume, texture as well as colour for the… Read More »